Why Is My Leopard Gecko Digging?

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Part of the laugh of getting a Leo is that you get to observe them pass approximately the day-by-day enterprise of their habitat. For us reptile fans, that is funny, informative, endearing, and simply cool to observe. It additionally makes you ask questions about the conduct you’re witnessing.

Why your leopard gecko is digging? Digging is a regular pastime that leopard geckos do as a way of having far from the solar to chill down, try to find food, and escape from predators. It is a regular pastime you could anticipate to take place every now and then together with your Leo.

To recognize completely why your leopard gecko does this and approaches you could make their surroundings exceptional for them, maintain on reading.


What Are The Reasons My Leopard Gecko Is Digging?

  • Temperature Regulation

Reptiles like leopard geckos haven’t any inner mechanism thru which they could adjust their frame temperature.

While it’s miles genuine that those creatures recognize warm climates, sweltering climates can cause overheating of their tiny bodies. So, those geckos search for cooler regions wherein they will visit to beat the heat.

Most leopard gecko proprietors are encouraged to preserve a couple of thermometers withinside the backside of the tank to test the temperatures. There wishes to be a heating aspect with a heat cover wherein your puppy can visit heat themselves, however, there may be additional want for a fab aspect withinside the tank wherein they could cool off.

It might be satisfactory in case you saved a fab cover in a gecko’s tank too. Moreover, you have to preserve a wet cover on your gecko’s tank as nicely to assist them whilst they are shedding.


  • Scavenging For Food

As stated earlier, leopard geckos forage for meals. Their survival, in addition to their nicely-being, relies upon their capacity to hunt. This is what reptiles do: hunt, devour, and rest.

Technically, foraging for meals and evading predators are the best number one sports of their lives that offer intellectual stimulation. So, a few leopard gecko proprietors even cover their meals around their tank to offer their puppy an additional challenge.


  • Escaping The Light

Leopard geckos are solitary creatures that like to preserve to their personal maximum of the time. When your gecko is shedding, you will be aware that they choose to live interior their hides for longer hours. Many times, you will see your gecko pop out the instant you turn off the lighting fixtures withinside the room wherein you preserve their tank.

The easy motive for such bizarre manners is that leopard geckos recognize cool, darkish hiding places. The darkness gives the identical experience of protection that they experience whilst taking safe haven beneath neath a tree trunk or rock withinside the wild.

Not to mention, leopard geckos are crepuscular, and because of this, they may be maximum energetic at some point of nightfall and sunrise and a few components of the night. You’ll frequently find out your puppy digging away from its tank to create areas that function as precise hiding spots, far from the light.


  • Preparation For The Nesting Process

Female geckos lay their eggs beneath neath rocks or logs withinside the wild. So, in case you discover your girl gecko digging often in her tank, there may be a sturdy opportunity that she is getting ready to put eggs. Your girl gecko can lay eggs even without the presence of a male gecko, however, such eggs are infertile.

Before laying, she can be able to dig a hollow to offer a secure spot for her eggs.

Note: You cannot go away your gecko eggs withinside the identical tank because of the girl. In the wild, the girl moves on after laying her eggs. But, if she unearths any eggs in her tank, then she can be able to devour them, despite the fact that they may be her personal.


  • Shelter

Your gecko has very finely tuned survival instincts. When it feels threatened in any way, it will start digging as deep and as quickly as possible to create a safe haven.

Leopard geckos are often seen burrowing in new environments. If you just brought a new gecko home, it’s not used to your presence or its new home. As such, pets may start digging in various spots within the tank to use as shelter, especially if you don’t provide enough skins.


  • Having fun

Believe it or not, you might find yourself digging holes just because geckos like to dig. Leopard geckos take time to get used to their new homes. But these are pretty friendly creatures. Once your pets get used to you and their home, they will explore and enjoy their territory. get busy. But burrowing is also an essential part of a gecko’s mental and physical health. So when geckos get bored, they will dig enclosures to kill time.


  • Confined Spaces

If your leopard gecko repeatedly burrows, your home may be too small. Small and too tight spaces stress reptiles. They may dig when under stress.

Pet parents sometimes add too much dirt to their enclosures in an attempt to give their pets enough space to dig and do their favorite activities.

So, knowing that your gecko’s enclosure is the right size can add too much extra material or non-functional decorations to your enclosure, causing stress. All you have to do is remove some of the undercoats and embellishments to allow more freedom of movement.


When Should You Worry?

Digging may be simply something that leopard geckos do…or may be a signal of missing husbandry.

So whilst need to you worry?

Most of the time, digging is simply something that leopard geckos do and is now no longer a large concern. However, in case you see lots of digging in comparison to standard or the conduct begins evolving abruptly then it is an amazing concept to double-take a look at the fundamentals of your husbandry and searches for any symptoms and symptoms of stress.

Make positive you’ve got sufficient hiding spots and that they are withinside the proper places with at least one on the nice and cozy aspect and one on the bloodless aspect. Double-take a look at the general temperature of your enclosure and in case you do not have already got a thermometer then this is a great time to get one. But if all of the fundamentals are beneath neath management then you can simply have a leopard that loves to dig!

However, if digging is followed with the aid of using different conduct modifications like a loss of appetite, immoderate hiding, weight loss, or glass swimming then it is time to take a near study of your leopard gecko and keep in mind consulting a veterinarian. But in case you’re ever unsure, speaking to your veterinarian is constantly an amazing concept.


How To Help A Leopard Gecko That Is Digging For The Wrong Reasons

One of the first and easiest things to check is that the temperature and humidity inside the enclosure are okay. If it gets too hot or too humid, adjust this and check it regularly to make sure it is being held regularly. The enclosure should be 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit or 26-28 degrees Celsius.

If your tank is too small (which you may find if you are both grass surfing and burrowing), we recommend purchasing a larger tank. They may also need a more stimulating environment. They also need enough hiding places, so the next solution is to buy more hiding places. B. Hollow tree trunk or you can also make your own. You should also invest in a humidification box in case your leopard gecko has a problem with shedding.



Leopard geckos like to dig, it is simply what they do. Because there are numerous specific motives why they do it though, it is fine to take the whole lot into attention earlier than ignoring this conduct to make sure that nothing greater extreme goes on which you may not realize.

Most of the motives why they dig can both be without difficulty constant or will clear up themselves inside a rely of time on. So if that is something which you’re simply involved in, then do not be due to the fact with the proper expertise and the proper steps, those motives may be corrected pretty quickly.

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