Why Does My Leopard Gecko Stare At Me?

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Do you try to establish a bond with your leopard gecko? Are you curious to find out more about how a leopard gecko behaves?

If your leopard gecko has shown interest in you, you could wonder the following:

Why does my leopard gecko stare at me?

As your leopard gecko scans your movement, it frequently stares. They are interested in the motion and attempting to ascertain whether it constitutes a hazard. Owners shouldn’t be the least bit alarmed by this staring because it is a natural instinct for them to survive.

Continue reading to learn more about leopard geckos’ behavior and the reasons they could be staring at you.


What Are The Reasons My Leopard Gecko Stares At Me?

Many of the deeply entrenched behaviors of their wild counterparts will still be present in captive leopard geckos. Even after being bred in captivity for several generations, these characteristics are ingrained in them. One of those actions is to stare at you.


  1. A Totally Normal Behavior

Therefore, it’s possible that when using your phone or watching TV, you glance over and notice your gecko looking. He’s still staring when you look up a few minutes later. Is there a problem? The gecko might not be feeling well.

The truth is that it is quite improbable that they are ill. When it comes to leopard geckos, staring is completely acceptable behavior. If your gecko is doing this, don’t worry—they will ultimately break their fixation.

You could even play around with it by moving your finger around or moving around while you walk around the room to see if your reptile follows you.

It’s fine if your leopard gecko stares for more than a few minutes; just let him act naturally and accept that this behavior is quite normal.

Don’t be terrified of it; some owners find the behavior amusing and adorable. Recognize that it’s a perfectly typical activity and that the gecko is merely exercising prudence.


  1. They Feel Hungry

Ever had a severe case of hunger cravings and seen a picture of food? You probably stare at it while daydreaming about what it may taste like. Leopard geckos do similarly when they are a little hungry as well.

Leopard geckos may stare when they see you approaching since they have learned that you are the keeper of the food; after all, you might be keeping some tasty treats for them.

They can be staring at you as a method of requesting a tasty snack! It occurs when you and your gecko develop a strong relationship and associate you with being a source of food.


  1. They Have Sharp Eyes

Being small, like a leopard gecko, requires you to have keen peripheral vision. After all, your small size makes you vulnerable to becoming a prey animal. You learn to build an awareness of what is moving around you, regardless of how big or small it is.

They also do this with food. Just observe what occurs when you provide the habitat living food as opposed to dead food.

Since live food is more similar to what leopard geckos consume in the wild and is also moving, most of them prefer it. If your Leo eats dead insects, consider yourself lucky because most Leos won’t even bother.


  1. They’re Just Curious

Whether they are hunters or prey, leopard geckos are drawn to moving items.

People are somewhat like this as well; even if it’s simply someone passing you on the street or a leaf flying in your direction, you can’t help but turn your head to see what it is.

Leopard geckos may be curious, but they are mostly looking out for their safety and the chance to feed. They may even be looking for an “exit route” in case they need to leave from the threats of a predator.


What If My Gecko Never Stares?

You might be worried if your significant other doesn’t engage in the habit of looking at you if this is standard behavior. This is particularly a worry for new Leo owners who are less accustomed to the animals or for those who just have one animal on to base the concept of “normal”.

You shouldn’t worry at all. What is typical for your pet may be atypical for another. Like all other animals and even people, leopard geckos are unique.

Each animal will vary slightly from the others in terms of habits, demeanors, and personalities. If yours isn’t following you around the room with their gaze, don’t freak out.

Some leopard geckos will just never be interested in doing this.

Your animal will be fine as long as you use good animal husbandry techniques, such as keeping the cage tidy and at the right temperature and giving it food, drink, and stimulating activities.


Do Other Reptiles Stare?

Some of you may be reading this because you have never had a Leo but are interested in doing so. Or perhaps you want to get another reptile because you are a herpetology junkie.

If you belong to the second group and already have one or more reptiles, you could be saying to yourself, “Well duh, of course, leopard geckos gaze… My bearded dragon/iguana/crested gecko did it too!”

Yes, that’s accurate. Other reptiles have been observed engaging in similar behavior, which we may attribute to the same motivations driving Leo to do so: keeping track of what’s moving around and determining what to trust and what to be on the lookout for.

So, if you decide to adopt another reptile in the future, take that with you.



Owners of leopard geckos already have a lot on their plates, including monitoring the hygrometer, checking the temperature gradient, providing live insects for food, participating in daily and weekly cleaning duties, and, of course, providing enrichment for the geckos.

And that’s only the beginning!

Worrying about your leopard gecko’s stares is the last thing you should be doing. Consider it this way: They are interested in you! Recognize that this is acceptable and entirely natural behavior! A gecko will hiss and hide if they truly don’t trust you, so keep that in mind.

Therefore, it’s advantageous to have a leopard gecko staring at you. Make sure you follow a feeding plan that works for you and your Leo to ensure they aren’t staring out of hunger.

So, don’t be alarmed. They find you interesting, and who wouldn’t want them to look at you when you have a face that is as adorable as theirs?

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Martin Rodriguez

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