Best Way To Provide Water For Your Leopard Gecko

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As a pet owner, it’s important to provide a clean and adequate supply of water for your leopard gecko to ensure it stays healthy and comfortable. Proper hydration is essential for all living creatures, and a gecko is no exception. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to provide water for your leopard gecko.


How much water does a leopard gecko need?

Leopard geckos, like many other animals, require different amounts of water depending on their size, gender, and activity level. As a general guideline, you should provide a small bowl of water that’s big enough for your gecko to drink from comfortably. It should contain fresh, clean water at all times. It’s also important to remember that geckos derive some of their moisture from their diet, so make sure you’re providing them with a balanced and nutritious diet.


What type of water should I use for my leopard gecko?

It’s important to use clean, fresh, and dechlorinated water for your leopard gecko. You can use dechlorinated tap water or bottled water. To dechlorinate tap water, simply leave it out in an open container for 24 hours before giving it to your gecko. This allows the chlorine to evaporate, leaving behind clean water that’s safe for your pet.


What kind of bowl should I use for my gecko’s water?

The type of bowl you use for your gecko’s water is important. It should be shallow enough for your gecko to access easily, but not so shallow that the water will evaporate quickly. You should also choose a bowl that’s easy to clean and made of non-toxic materials. A small ceramic or glass bowl is a great option, as it’s easy to clean and won’t tip over easily.


How often should I change my gecko’s water?

You should change your gecko’s water every day to ensure it stays fresh and free of harmful bacteria. If your gecko dirties the water, you should clean the bowl and refill it with fresh water immediately.


Can I mist my gecko to provide water?

While it’s okay to mist your gecko occasionally to increase humidity levels, misting should not be used as a primary method of hydration. Leopard geckos drink water by licking it from a bowl, so it’s important to provide them with a clean and easily accessible source of water at all times.


How can I encourage my gecko to drink water?

Some geckos may be hesitant to drink from a bowl, especially if they’re new to your home. If this is the case, you can try adding a drop of vitamin or mineral supplement to the water to make it more appealing. You can also try placing the bowl in a different location to see if that encourages your gecko to drink.


Can my gecko get dehydrated?

Yes, leopard geckos can become dehydrated if they don’t have access to enough water. Signs of dehydration include lethargy, sunken eyes, and dry skin. If you suspect your gecko may be dehydrated, provide it with fresh water immediately and monitor its behavior closely.


Are water features beneficial for leopard geckos?

While water features such as fountains and waterfalls may look aesthetically pleasing, they are not necessary for leopard geckos. In fact, they can create excess moisture and humidity, which can be harmful to your gecko’s health. Stick with a simple bowl of water instead.


How can I keep my gecko’s water clean?

Keeping your gecko’s water clean is important to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. You should clean the bowl daily and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. You can also use a mild detergent, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid any residue. Avoid using any cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia, as these can be harmful to your gecko.


What else should I consider when providing water for my gecko?

It’s important to remember that geckos are sensitive to temperature, so keep the water bowl in a location that’s not too cold or too hot. You should also avoid using a water bowl that’s too deep or difficult for your gecko to climb out of, as this can be dangerous.



In conclusion, providing clean and fresh water for your leopard gecko is essential to its survival. By following these tips and guidelines, you can ensure that your gecko stays healthy and hydrated. Remember to monitor your gecko’s behavior and hydration levels to ensure it’s getting the proper amount of water it needs to thrive.

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